Monday, August 4, 2008

new celebrations

this picture was taken during the wall street jubilee held a few years ago by brothers and sisters at the simple way. they took something liek $20,000 and redistributed it in small bills to the people of new york by way of a celebration on wall street. they called it a jubilee because they were declaring a cancellation of debts and a redistribution of money to the poor, something God calls the Israelites and the Christians to do.

we are here in seattle right now and thursday night, our friend ben brought up a great question about holidays and celebrations. we started talking about how the "christian" celebrations we uphold in the US are so much more cultural than they are christian. we talked about why we don't celebrate passover and how easter isn't even biblical.

it made us excited to think of the types of conversations we could have with these friends and the Real community that exists in part right now, not to mention the future.

we started to joke about commune '09 , then kirsten preferred community '09 which makes more sense. :) we shall see where God leads us, but for now we are thinking and thinking...