Monday, January 11, 2010

virtual insanity

I love adbusters. There is a lot of stuff there that really makes me think about my life, about the kingdom of God, about the way I want/need to live.

One of the feature articles is about how there are two companies that will erase your virtual identity for you so that you are no longer enslaved to a virtual life that you must keep up with, waste time on...

I am torn. Social networking has been helpful in many ways--I love people so much and enjoy connecting with old friends and catching up on people's lives. I also love having a way to sneak in a random comment every now again when someone from my past appears in a dream or a memory. But if I calculated the amount of time David and I both spend on social networking sites and gmail, it would be embarrassing. I love technology, but I do wonder when the frenzy to be overly connected will stop or at least slow down.

I was given a book by David's grandmother for Christmas, I Capture the Castle. It's not a life-changing story or anything, but it has felt so good to just read a book instead of read whatever is online and tickles my fancy for the moment. It has made me feel more alive.

I think I am going to think about spending less time online this year. I definitely am going to commit a little virtual suicide for sure. I think that my name and information have just been sprayed haphazardly across the internets way too much.

It's time to be a little less "known".

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