Sunday, February 7, 2010

i love...

last night, we watched adventureland.

not what we had expected, but we liked it for sure.

the two main characters reminded us of what it was like to be falling in love.

for us, in college at whitworth , when we would just stare at each other in the car and be so in tune with how we felt about the other person that we could think of nothing else.

we talked about how funny and annoying it would be now to find the other one staring at us while we drove.  but back then, we could have just stared at each other for hours, feeling the music of our souls and drinking it all in.  and that is exactly what we did back then.

so after the movie, we talked a lot about where we were and where we are now in our love.

tonight, i was listening to david wilcox , one of our absolute favorite artists.  i was reminded of this beautiful song that was supposed to be our first dance together at our wedding, but we forgot to put it on the playlist.



enjoy and think of the one you sing this to.


I love your sense of humor
I love to see you smile
I love your sense of balance
I love your sense of time

I love your music in the morning
Your rhythm in the night
But it's your kindness
That shines so bright

Yes I love your beauty
I love your sexy moves
But more I love your honesty
You always tell the truth

I love your vision of the future
Your hope that never dies
But it's your kindness that clears my skies

Yes I love your wisdom
Your knowledge of the past
Your willingness to listen
And taste for what will last

Your compassion for the suffering
And your solid happiness
But it's your kindness that I love best

I love...
I love...
I love...

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Erin said...

I love your love. Keep it up.