Tuesday, January 26, 2010

adventures close to home

**taken directly from a book i just rediscovered: succulent wild woman by SARK...

women deserve adventurous lives. as little girls, we served flower petals on plates made of leaves, and imaginary liquid in thimbles, wearing skirts made of old tablecloths.

we adventured on our bicycles, which turned into imaginary horses. there were daily adventures, close to home, beneath the clothesline, in homemade forts, in our best friends' bedrooms.

as adult women, we can become more sedate, less experimental--we develop "adventure amnesia" and don't even remember what is lost.

then we're invited to a tea party and feel a fizz of excitement. or, we take a "miracle walk" in our neighborhood, just to look at trees. we go out dancing together and wear wild nail polish...

we remember our adventurous souls. i like to take my sleeping bag and drive to the county during comet active times. i hike to a hilly spot and watch shooting stars.

full moon hiking is another grand adventure. extending our antennae can produce adventures in "ordinary places".

while walking on a cliffside trail with my friend, debbie, around the bend appeared a man in an elegant suit and tie--as though he had just walked out of a magazine. i complimented his appearance loudly and heartily, and he grinned and introduced us to his 2 japanese friends, also wearing suits. they disappeared down the path, and we laughed at the incongruity of it.

a tiny adventurous moment, close to home. it changes your perspective, reminds you that the world is deep and rich and full of colors and miracles.

fill your life with tiny and large adventurous moments...

...we must be open to adventure--seek it out, ask questions, dare to talk to strangers.

women are oppressed by fears in this society. it's true. it's not safe. neither is staying home, hiding from an adventurous life. take self-defense, use your intuition and caution, walk in pairs and groups, but please, come out of your houses, apartments and cars.


Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh, I just need this! I keep telling Ben that I'm not satisfied with life because girls never want to DO anything! I need to get out and go on full moon hikes! AAAAAHHH! Live here now!

Tracy Mae said...

:) :) :) dirty get this book! its called succulent, wild, woman by sark. i love you!!! i would totally adventure with you!!!!