Saturday, July 19, 2008


My friend, Jason, asked the other day if I was “turning old early” because I have this problem lately where I simply cannot fall asleep. Monday I stayed up until 4:30 one night and tonight I am now pre-blogging at 4:30 (writing things that I will copy and paste when I go somewhere with the Internets, probably when I break down and go to Starbuck’s to get us morning coffee etc.). I thought I’d write the blog entry where I talk about some of the those timid steps I’m taking toward living in the Way with Jesus.

I have been trying several different ways of pulling out of the system that is not Love.

I am everyday choosing and refusing to believe that exploitation is necessary. I don’t accept “We’re all going to die of some kind of cancer anyway, so might as well enjoy life”, or “It doesn’t matter what you do, you’re going to have to contribute to the broken system.” Even the popular Christian ideas of “just passing through” will not cut it for me anymore. Jesus is explicit in teaching global citizenship, responsible stewardship, peaceableness and enemy love.

I have been trying not to wear makeup and have been taking care of my skin by 100% natural means, keeping it clean, figuring out foods that trigger acne, exercising, drinking more water and using coconut oil(thanks, Kate & Meghan!). I’ve been having great results that are not only healthier for my body but at this point, a way of decreasing my dependence on products that try to “fix” my “problems”.

David and I have gone through our apartment, the first time of many, placing stickers on the things we will get rid of. We plan to try and sell as much as possible and give the money away. So far, we’ve given some of our things away to friends who have need or who would take stuff we were pretty sure other people wouldn’t want like half used lotions and pomade. ☺ We are going to slowly pare things down so that we have what we need: a sweet simplicity of utility and art.

David and I have been dreaming big together lately, dreaming of our future family and the life we want to be living. The community garden we helped start in Spokane was the beginning of a love affair with the Earth and part of the reason we thought about moving to Texas was the promise of a longer growing season (virtually year-round). Then we moved into a hip apartment in an historic district. We grow aloe vera inside, which is only semi-useful. We definitely can’t eat it, or at least, we wouldn’t want to.

But we’ve been dreaming big dreams lately, dreams that conjure up a new community, an entirely different way of living where everything is shared more freely and Life is truly abundant. We had a taste of that life in Spokane and we are itching for more.


Richelle said...

tracy, does that mean you are off proactiv? please share information because i'm still on it and want to get off!!!

(i promise not all of my posts will be as stupid as this, and i will reflect on things that 'matter' - wait who am i kidding. this is the stuff that matters.) i miss you and our house is begging for your visit. love ya. and p.s. i hope you can sleep better soon.

Richelle said...

wow, thanks for the facewashing tips. i may need to talk it over w/ you too. love you tracy bear.