Friday, July 18, 2008

the Way

Summertime. My first real summer in years. One of the more visible perks of teaching. It has given me time to turn inward, read things I've been wanting to for a long time, having many conversations with David about important things... So far this summer, I've read three important books in my reading repertoire:

1. The Shack
2. Jesus for President
3. The Great Divorce

All three books have given me perspective on my faith that I have never quite seen so clearly before. It's like I literally have New Eyes. In the past, I have always leaned more toward alternative ways of living (thanks Mom & Dad), but I don't really think I understood why that might be better. Perhaps it was a longing for uniqueness and creativity,something learned from my Seventh-Day Adventist grandmother that kept me seeking unconventional ways of doing things, eating and caring for my body and Creation.

But the ideas and Realities these three books opened me up to changed me. Rather, Jesus changed me. I've been a Christian since that fateful night after Lakeside Bible Camp in 5th grade (I prayed for Christ to come to me alone in my room because I didn't want my camp counselor to have the satisfaction of claiming she "lead" me to Christ! Ridiculous.), but I hadn't been able to reconcile many of the things I felt drawn to and the Christian "Agenda" I inherited and then developed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I am falling in Love and embracing the changes that come with seeking to live in the third Way of Jesus. This blog is because I lay awake at night and think think think so I thought I might try blogging about those thoughts.

I put some links to websites that might have something to say about Jesus, as well as the blogs of some of my friends who not only actually have blogs, but may share this affinity to dreaming big and living small. My hope is that folks might read my thoughts and begin to look again at what the Way meant and what it means now. Let's talk.

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Erin said...

You are David are my favorite little revolutionaries.