Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the foundry

a new coffee shop just opened up last week near our house. it is run by the 'methadome', a huuuuuuge methodist church in alamo heights. the interesting thing about it, though, is that it is run entirely by volunteers and the money is used in the local community. i dont know what it's being used for, but i think they are on the right track. it's exciting. david is thinking about volunteering there sometimes, and while i was in there today, they had me come behind the counter and make my own macchiato because they couldn't remember how to make one. it made me wish there were more weeks left in the summer so i could come and help out more.

they even bring in tacos from our favorite place, taco taco, fresh everyday. can it be any better suited for us at this point?

i was thinking, though, about how they can be even more practical to the community. coffeehouses are awesome, but what about the people who are not used to frequenting coffee shops? what about those who need something a little more sustainable? i heard that they are hoping to be seen in the community as a place for conversation and help, but i can't help but think that there might be something even more practical and peaceable that could be done. like growing fresh vegetables or having a sliding scale pay system...

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Richelle said...

first of all, i love all the artwork on your page. 2nd of all, i love your thoughts. the non-toxic facewashing seems a little overwhelming...then again it's not like proactiv is the easiest thing in the world (three steps, religously...). honestly, i just don't want to go through the whole shock thing where i break out all over again. if i knew it would be worth it then i'd do it.
i like that that coffee shop just opened near you. seems like that would be a good place to make some friends, maybe? soooo....we need to touch base re: seattle. it's probably not going to work out to visit ben's aunt, so we may just come up for one day to see you...we're still working out the details. let's talk soon. miss you tracy bear.